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td3 duplicator

Tableau TD3 Forensic Duplicator

TD3 supports collecting data in a forensically sound (a.k.a."write-blocked") manner. SATA, USB 3.0, USB 2.0/1.1, and FireWire  devices connect directly to TD3 using the appropriate port. IDE and SAS devices can be imaged thru TDPX5 (IDE) and TDPX6 (SAS) expansion modules. Keyed guides in the TDS1 SATA enclosure allow for easy connecting of TDPX modules with the TD3 expansion port.

TD3 offers a variety of evidence storage options. Each TD3  Forensic Imager kit includes one TDS1 SATA drive enclosure. This unique SATA drive enclosure directly connects to TD3, forming a stable and clutter free base. No need for cable connections when using TDS1. The SATA power and  signal connections are made directly between the TD3 and TDS1.

If your preference is to collect evidence to other storage devices, TD3 gives you options. TD3 supports imaging to bare hard drives or to other Tableau Modular Storage Products with the appropriate cables   (included in the TD3 kit). Additionally, TD3 has a Gigabit Ethernet connection that can be used to image or upload previously imaged evidence directly to iSCSI or CIFS network files shares.

Central to the uniqueness of TD3 is a high-resolution, color touch screen user interface, used to control and monitor ongoing TD3  operations. Designed to be powerful yet simple to use, this wizard driven UI uses simple touch gestures to select and initiate all TD3 functions. To facilitate easy data entry, TD3 includes a pop-up software touch-screen keypad for entering data, reviewing logs, connecting to networks, or completing setup. If a physical keypad is preferred, connect an external keyboard thru the TD3's general purpose USB 2.0 port.


Tableau TD2 Forensic Duplicator

Built on the strength and reputation of Tableau's venerable TD1,   the newly released Tableau TD2 Forensic Duplicator delivers advanced  functions and exceptional performance in a compact, durable and easy-to-use package. This second-generation product was engineered for standalone forensic acquisitions in both field and lab settings, natively imaging both SATA and IDE/PATA hard drives at speeds up to 9GB/min. Utilizing the same protocol modules as TD1, investigations can (optionally) include USB,  SCSI and SAS suspect drives.

Accelerated   Architecture and Features

New for TD2 is "Twinning" support, for 1:2 drive duplication. Twinning will be released in early 2012 as a free firmware  update. Standard features include Disk-to-Disk and Disk-to-File duplication, Format, Wipe, Hash (MD5 or SHA-1), HPA / DCO detection and removal, and Blank Disk Check. TD2 can write out in raw DD, EnCase .e01 (compressed) and is field-upgradable to EnCase v7 .ex01 (AES encrypted).

Everything You Need to   Get Started

Tableau sells the TD2 in a complete kit including the TP4 high-output power supply, SATA and IDE drive and power cables, a FireWire   cable for firmware updates, four different notebook drive adapters and a   quick-start guide. The kit also includes a custom foam insert which protects   kit contents during shipment and which can be transferred directly to any of several industry-standard hard-sided cases.



SalvationDATA Data Copy King Duplicator

Data Copy King (DCK) is a newly designed hard drive duplicator   from SalvationDATA technology, with color touch screen and build-in SATA/IDE support, USB support with additional adapters. Data Copy King is the only hard drive duplicator with ‘UNIC’ disk imaging solutions which is able to copy data from good drives or drives with severe bad sectors or drives with   unstable heads but still detected in the bios.


- Fastest Duplication-- Imaging disk at 7.0GB/min with data protection

- Data wiping at 8.0GB/min

- Forensic data capture—Getting solid forensic images with   MD5/CRC verification

- HDD auto detection—Fast test and bad sector analysis with   clear graph

- Support TB-level hard drives

- Unique design for Unstable hard drives -Hard disk with bad   sectors and handling drives after head/platter swap.


Voom Hardcopy 3P Duplicator

1:2 Portable Forensic Hard Drive Duplicator

Unsurpassed Performance:

  • Forensically duplicates HDD ’s faster than ever - up to 6 GB/min with hashing,
  • Clone (disk to disk) or Image (disk to file or files) – user-selectable,
  • 1 SATA/IDE native source port (write-blocked); 2 SATA destination ports,
  • Easily accommodates laptops & IDE,
  • Duplicate or Wipe 2 drives simultaneously - No Slowdown,
  • Built-in, user-selectable MD5 and SHA256 verification
  • Hash reverification on read from destination(s) – user-selectable,
  • Automatically handles Host Protected Areas & Device Configuration Overlays,
  • Standard 2 Year Warranty,
  • Price competitive.

Ensures forensic integrity by protecting the HPA & DCO on   evidence drive from alteration on duplication.