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 mobile kit

Paraben Mobile Field Kit

Paraben's Mobile Field Kit is a completely portable handheld forensic solution. The kit includes everything you need to perform a comprehensive digital forensic analysis of over 4,000 cell phones, PDAs, and GPS devices anywhere, anytime. Better yet, you can use your Device Seizure dongle that comes in the kit on any lab machine making it more than just a field kit. Does your cell phone forensic solution have comprehensive analysis features? If not, it's probably not getting enough data from devices to warrant analysis.

The Mobile Field Kit Includes:

  • One  license of Device Seizure to acquire, analyze, and report on over 4,000  different devices
  • Cables,  chargers, & other hardware for extracting data from handheld
  • A   1.33 GHz Dual Core Laptop with 4 GB RAM and a 500 GB hard drive used to      perform acquisitions and analysis
  • One Project-A-Phone  ICD-5200 to process devices by taking pictures of each screen.
  • Various   media card readers
  • One Save-A-Phone electronics drying bag.
  • Rugged carrying case
  • One year software and new cable subscriptions   

 Paraben Deployable Field Kit

Paraben's Deployable Field Kit (DFK) is a digital forensic solution that gives you everything you need to process digital evidence in the field. By bringing your lab with you, you can capture and analyze digital data from computers and devices such as cell phones and tablets. Being field ready is a challenge for anyone and getting the right tools together can be a nightmare. The DFK was designed to be able to work with any level of computer users to be able to gather and collect digital evidence. Each tool in the DFK was designed to be used without any training. You can acquire or gather data from any digital device to include, mobile phones, hard drives, media cards and all things in-between.

  • Expandable kit allows you to:
  • Install other forensic software so you're entire toolbox can go with you anywhere
  • Perform comprehensive analysis of acquired data
  • Examine various types of media such as USB drives and SD Cards
  • Add more cables and components to  your kit
  • Recover deleted data with physical acquisitions
  • Search for illicit images and chat logs on computers
  • Created by a trusted forensic  company
  • Less expensive than other portable solutions that aren't expandable
  • Easily update your existing Device Seizure and Toolbox with the Field Kit Conversion Kit

Paraben Ultimate Forensic Bundle

The Ultimate Forensic Bundle will equip any  investigator with everything they need to process digital evidence. Whether you need to examine mobile devices or computers, Paraben's Ultimate Forensic   Bundle gives you the software and hardware you need to complete 360° of digital forensics. By combining Device Seizure with Project-A-Phone Flex, you can examine and report on any handheld device on the market with either a logical or physical acquisition or through a photo examination. Hard drive and related media can be acquired, examined, and reported on using the P2 Commander products. What's Included:  


  • Device Seizure
  • P2 Commander
  • Forensic Replicator
  • P2 eXplorer Pro


  • Device Seizure Hardware
  • Tabletop StrongHold
  • Project-A-Phone Flex

 zrt hd

Fernico ZRT 2 HD

The leading system for the manual acquisition of evidential data from cell phones and other digital devices has been developed to meet the exact needs of cell phone examiners. Every year hundreds of new cell phones are being launched for consumers to buy, which creates tremendous ongoing challenges for the other types of investigative tools to support every phone and every feature.

ZRT 2’s powerful and reliable software streamlines the numerous steps of the manual examination process to deliver huge time saving benefits while capturing pictures and high definition video.

Photos and videos are automatically resized into a customizable report template for presentation in court or distribution to other detectives and agencies. 


Paraben DS Box

The DS Box is a new stationary kiosk system that is easy to use for anyone despite their training level. The DS Box has a full interlocking cable system for all of the latest cell phones in the market. Having full capabilities for any staff member to be able to do cell phone triage is crucial when information is the key to a case.

The DS Box Includes:

  • Paraben’s DS Box Cell Phone Acquisition Software
  • PC with Pentium Dual Core E5300, 160 GB Hard Drive, and 1 GB RAM
  • Touch Screen Monitor
  • Microsoft XP Professional
  • 20 port USB system and Device Data Cables
  • Integrated Media & SIM Card Reader
  • One license of P2 eXplorer to mount images as a virtual drive
  • One Year Automatic Updates for Paraben’s DS Box software & Cable Updates 

Paraben Deployable Device Seizure

Deployable Device Seizure (DDS) is the perfect mobile triage solution. DDS is designed for quick use in the field with any mobile phone. The integration into a PC tablet is ideal to be able to host multiple tools on a single non-proprietary platform. Device Seizure is also include on the DDS platform as a secondary tool for quick cross validation and backup.

The DDS Interface is a simple single click solution that can easily be operated with one hand in the field. All drivers are auto-loaded into the tool and no specialized computer knowledge is required for the operation of DDS. Quickly triage and acquire the data associated with call logs, address book, graphics, SMS messages, etc. DDS is the only global tool for cell/mobile forensics that allows you to do both logical and physical acquisitions on the same unit and perform full analysis and reporting.

DDS and Device Seizure also acquire both logical and physical images from hundreds of devices and logical support of over 4,000 different mobile devices. 


Paraben Project-A-Phone Flex

Paraben's Project-A-PhoneTM Flex is the latest   all-in-one cell phone forensic and evidence archiving system from Paraben.  The new design gives you complete flexibility to capture screen images from cell phones, tablets, gaming systems, GPS devices, or almost any electronic   device with a screen both in the lab and in the field. It can also be used as an evidence inventory system. Simply take a picture of every piece of  evidence in a case before storing it and use the reporting software to catalog everything.
The new Project-A-Phone Flex model replaces both the Snap and ScreenView  models and is ideal for taking high resolution screenshots as part of a cell   phone forensic examination.



Paraben Project-A-Phone ICD-8000

Paraben's Project-A-PhoneTM ICD-8000 is Paraben's   latest version of the popular cell phone screen capture device that allows   you to take pictures or videos of the screen of almost any cell phone and   display it right on your computer. This model replaces the IDC-5200, the most popular image capturing device among cell phone forensic examiners. It can also be used by anyone who needs to share the screens of their cell phones with anyone. Use the native camera software to take high definition images and videos of each screen as you scroll through the various screens on your phone to perform a forensic exam. The ICD-8000 model has an 8 Megapixel  camera with 1080p HD video capabilities that is ideal for cell phone forensics, overhead projector presentations for sales calls, conferences, court presentations, or any other situation where you need to project your phone to others.

power tip kit

TeelTech Power Kits  

A Complete Selection of Charging Tips, Lab and Portable Chargers, and Portable RF Protection

Teel Technologies is proud to offer the TeelTech Power Tip Kit for digital forensic examiners needing to power and protect mobile devices, tablets and computers. The comprehensive interchangeable tips and chargers enable examiners easily and quickly charger the majority of devices that come their way. And with the new iGo Green portable wall and portable charger, you now have the ability to charge four devices at once in the lab, and one in the field. The rechargeable charger comes with a 6' USB cable that can charge from a laptop.


TTPOWER1 - Includes a collection of 50 mobile device  tips, charger, 2 cables and Black Hole faraday bag.

TTPOWER2 - Includes a collection of 50 mobile device  tips, 10 computer tips, 2 chargers, 2 cables and Small and X-large BlackHole   faraday bags.



3gforensics SIMTools

The SIMTools product range incorporates SIMIS -   the original SIM Interrogation System, SIMIS - Mobile, SIMulate and SIMGen.   This comprehensive range of products facilitates data recovery from GSM SIM   and 3G USIM devices and aids third party tools in the recovery of data from mobile phones.
SIMIS is the original forensically sound GSM SIM data recovery tool.

SIMIS 3G is capable of forensically extracting   data from the USIM card and providing that data in an easy to read HTML   report.

The SIMIS Mobile reader allows SIM cards to be   read whilst away from the SIMIS software installation.

SIMulate produces a verifiable accurate   reconstruction of the data found on the original SIM card.

SIMgen arms the forensic examiner with a tool   that will allow the creation of a generic sim card with user configurable IMISI, ICCID and MSISDN.