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 ultra kit

Digital Intelligence UltraKit III

The UltraKit III is a portable kit which contains a complete family of UltraBlock hardware write blockers along with adapters and connectors for use in acquiring a forensically sound image of virtually any hard drive or storage device you may encounter. Simply select the appropriate Write Protected UltraBlock and attach it to the source drive and use your desktop or laptop to acquire a forensically protected disk image to an internal drive or externally connected drive enclosure.


 forensic card reader

Digital Intelligence UltraBlock Forensic Card Reader 

The UltraBlock Forensic Card Reader  is switchable from Read-Only to Read-Write operation. In Read-Only mode the unit can be used for forensic acquisition of information found on multimedia   and memory cards. In Read-Write mode the unit is able to write to memory  cards for testing or validation. This card reader is the same unit integrated  into our FRED systems and are exclusively available from Digital   Intelligence.

Using an integrated swing-out connector, the Forensic Card Readers can be connected directly to a USB 2.0 (or USB 1.x) port on your workstation or laptop. Although no cables are  required to connect these readers, an additional USB type B port is included  in the unit to accept a cable if desired.

Media   Compatibility: The  Forensic Card Reader can be used to read (and optionally write) to the   following multimedia card formats:
Compact   Flash Card (CFC) - MicroDrive (MD) - Memory Stick Card (MSC)
Memory   Stick Pro (MS Pro) - Smart Media Card (SMC) - xD Card (xD)
Secure   Digital Card (SDC and SDHC) - MultiMedia Card (MMC)





Tableau T35u Forensic Bridge

The Tableau T35u USB 3.0 Forensic IDE/SATA Bridge supports write-blocked, forensic acquisitions of both SATA and IDE storage devices thru a fast USB 3.0 host connection. The T35u offers forensic examiners the ease of use, reliability, and imaging speed necessary to image today's larger and faster hard-disk drives - in both lab or field environments.

With the advent of USB 3.0, the clutter of multiple host connections has been replaced by a single Super Speed USB 3.0 port. With the T35u, you'll have the robust write-blocking technology that is the standard by which all other SATA and IDE write blockers are measured, now powered by the performance potential of USB 3.0. Still just as easy to use as ever; simply connect, power up, and image.

For added security, T35u introduces the new 'Firmware Update' button, which places the T35u in a special mode for updating its firmware through the Tableau Firmware Update (TFU) utility. TFU has been rewritten for updates via USB, making it easier than ever to maintain the correct version of firmware on new Tableau products.   

 t35u rw

Tableau T35u-RW Forensic Bridge

The YELLOW case T35u-RW is identical to the regular BLACK case T35u, except that the T35u-RW is pre-configured at the factory for read-write operation.

The YELLOW case highlights the fact that the T35u-RW is writable, eliminating the potential for mis-use during forensic examinations.

Often, a full forensics kit will include both write-blocked (BLACK) and read-write (YELLOW) forensic bridges.


Tableau T35es-R2 eSATA Forensic Bridge  

T35es-R2 - An Essential Component of any Forensic Kit

The Tableau T35es-R2 eSATA Forensic Bridge remains the standard by which all other   SATA and IDE write blockers are measured. Recently updated with new  electronics, the T35es-R2 offers forensic professionals the same great   performance, ease of use, reliability in a package suitable for both field and lab acquisitions.

T35es-R2   is built for write-blocked acquisitions of either SATA or IDE hard-drives. No   other write blocker offers more host computer flexibility than the T35es-R2. With the T35es-R2, you'll have a robust write-blocking using any one of the   four different host computer connection options: eSATA, FireWire 800, FireWire 400, and USB. The eSATA host computer connection is recommended for maximum data transfer speeds.



Tableau T35es-R2-RW eSATA Forensic Bridge


The YELLOW case T35es-R2-RW is identical to the regular BLACK case T35es, except that the T35es-R2-RW is pre-configured at the factory for read-write operation.

The YELLOW case highlights the fact that the T35es-R2-RW is writable, eliminating the potential for mis-use during forensic examinations.

Often, a full forensics kit will include both write-blocked (BLACK) and read-write (YELLOW) forensic bridges.



Tableau T6es Forensic SAS Bridge

The Tableau T6es - High Performance SAS Write Blocking in a Portable Package

Imaging Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) hard drives has presented a challenge to forensic  examiners, until now. The T6es Forensic SAS Bridge is the first (and only)   portable hardware write blocker available for SAS hard drives today.

The  T6es has the same size and power requirements as our other write blockers. So   it's a convenient, cost effective addition to your existing Tableau forensic   toolkit. With the T6es, fast imaging of SAS drives has never been easier.  Simply connect, power up, and image.

The  T6es design includes a number of key features that improve reliability and  performance. Switchable power is controlled through a reliable, membrane ON/OFF button. Four different host interface connections (eSATA, FireWire800,  FireWire 400, and USB) offer numerous imaging options.



 t8 r2

Tableau T8-R2 Forensic USB Bridge

Tableau's new T8-R2 Forensic USB Bridge offers best-in-class performance for  secure, hardware-based write blocking of USB mass storage devices. Using the  Tableau IMager (TIM), transfer speeds up to 90% of the native USB device rates were measured. No other USB hardware write blocker can match the overall performance of the T8-R2.

The T8-R2 includes several new product enhancements. Switchable power is  controlled thru a reliable, membrane ON/OFF switch. When switched ON, USB bus  power has been increased (up to 1.5 amps) to drive a wider range of USB  storage devices.

The 8-R2 works with USB thumb drives, external USB disk drives, more exotic   devices like Apple iPod's ® with USB interfaces, even USB-based cameras with card-reader capability.

T8-R2 supports both USB 2.0 and FireWire400 connections to a host computer,  permitting flexible operation with the full range of forensic hosts and   existing software tools. Detailed device information such as manufacturer, model, capacity, serial number may be viewed through the built-in LCD user interface.


Tableau T9 Forensic FireWire Bridge

Tableau's Forensic FireWire Bridge offers secure, hardware write-blocking for  FireWire storage devices. The T9 supports FireWire800 (1394B) and FireWire400  (1394A) storage devices which use the SBP-2 (Serial Bus Protocol-2) storage  protocol. The T9 works universally with external FireWire hard disks,  FireWire RAIDs, older Apple iPods with FireWire interfaces, and other   FireWire storage devices. 







Tableau T35is Forensic SATA/IDE Bridge - Bay Mounted

Tableau OEM-style forensic bridges have long been a key component of today's modern forensic workstations. The Tableau T35is Forensic SATA/IDE Bridge is an economical, high-performance alternative for forensic professionals whose acquisition needs focus on SATA and IDE hard-drives.

The T35is mounts in one 5.25" half-height drive bay at the front of a forensic workstation and connects to the host computer via one FireWire 800 and one SATA (optional) host connection. When both SATA and FireWire ports are connected to the host, the T35is provides intelligent, redundant data transfers. For maximum imaging speed, the T35is' SATA host connection should be used. Firmware updates are performed over the FireWire host connection.

The T35is bundle price includes the T35is and one each of the following: TC2-8 (traditional style power cable), TC5-8 (SATA style power cable), TC3-8 (SATA signal cable), TC6-8 (IDE signal cable), TDA5-25 and TDA5-18 (2.5" and 1.8" IDE notebook hard disk adapters).

As with all Tableau write-blockers, the T35is automatically defeats HPA and detects DCO regions on IDE and SATA drives. Tableau firmware updates and the Tableau Disk Monitor software are included.




Tableau T35689iu Forensic SATA/IDE/SAS/USB/FireWire Combo Bridge

The T35689iu is the latest integrated OEM forensic bridge from Tableau. This product, available from all Tableau resellers, supports write-blocked acquisitions of up to eight different types of storage media: IDE, SATA, SAS, USB 3.0/2.0/1.1, and FireWire 800/400. No other hardware write-blocker available today can match the forensic imaging capabilities of the T35689iu.

The T35689iu mounts in one 5.25" half-height drive bay at the front of a forensic workstation and connects to the host computer via a SuperSpeed USB 3.0 port.

As with all other Tableau products, firmware updates are easy to apply using the Tableau Firmware Update utility, which has been rewritten to support product firmware updates via USB. The T35689iu incorporates the exclusive Tableau "U" update button for secure and reliable management of product firmware updates.

Each T35689iu ships with a complete set of hard-drive power and signal cables (TC2-8-R2, T4-8-R2, TC6-8, TC-USB3, and TC7-9-9).

 ultradock 5

WiebeTech UltraDock v5 Write Blocker

Forensic UltraDock is WiebeTech's premium Forensic Dock. With five ports on the host side, native PATA and SATA drive connections, two power options, a recessed on/off switch guard, 6 status LEDs and an LCD in a strong and rugged aluminum enclosure, Forensic UltraDock is the leading forensic field imager.

Faster: With an upgraded chipset and faster host connections (USB 3.0, eSATA, and FireWire 800), UltraDock v5 is 24% faster than its predecessor, Forensic UltraDock v4. 

LCD screen and Menu: The LCD and menu system make it convenient to view drive information, error/warning messages, or remove HPA/DCOs.

USB 3.0: USB 3.0 is now available, along with eSATA and FireWire 800 ports.

Device Info/S.M.A.R.T.
Drive information is at your fingertips. Quickly access selected important S.M.A.R.T. data such as hours used, number of power cycles, and disk health. UltraDock v5 can also display the model and serial number reported by the drive's firmware.

HPA/DCO detection included
Various software applications exist which allow a user to create or modify a Host Protected Area (HPA) or Device Configuration Overlay (DCO) table on a hard drive.


forensic labdock

WiebeTech Forensic LabDock Write Blocker

Create a Write-Blocked Workstation
Turn your computer into a digital forensic workstation with Forensic LabDock. Installed in a standard 5.25" bay, Forensic LabDock gives convenient, forensic access to suspect hard drives. Write-blocking is done in hardware, with proven WiebeTech write-blocking technology.

USB Write-blocking
Write-blocked access to thumb drives is just as convenient as write-blocked SATA and IDE. Forensic LabDock also incorporates a USB WriteBlocker, so you can forensically access flash drives or full size USB enclosures. Most USB 1.1 and 2.0 devices that normally register with the computer as a "USB Mass Storage Device" are supported.

Built-in HPA/DCO Detection
HPA (Host Protected Areas) or DCO (Device Configuration Overlays) can exist on hard drives, which are not accessible by your Operating system. Forensic LabDock will alert you if these areas exist, so you can inspect them.

Extend Support for other drive types
Need to access a non-standard hard drive? Use WiebeTech's Combo Adapters to access 1.8" drives, notebook drives, drives found in iPods, and more.

 usb write blocker

WiebeTech USB Write Blocker

USB WriteBlocker works with devices that register as "USB Mass Storage" devices, very common for thumb drives and storage enclosures. USB WriteBlocker is also compatible with other devices that register in the same way, such as some Cellular Phones and Digital Cameras.

What is supported: USB 1.1/2.0 devices that would normally register with the computer as a "USB Mass Storage Device" are supported.

What is not supported: If the device requires special drivers, USB WriteBlocker probably cannot see it. However, if such devices are plugged in through USB WriteBlocker, no writes will occur, even if it cannot access the media.

No External Power Supply: USB WriteBlocker circuitry is powered by USB bus power, and not an external power supply.