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Digital Intelligence Rack-A-TACC

Rack-A-TACC units integrate four accelerators into a single 2U chassis controlled by a quad core host computer with optimized I/O channels. This design allows the appliance to be used as   an individual stand alone system for breaking passwords or to be integrated into a distributed network for increased scalability and performance.

Taking advantage of the scalability of the Tableau 1441 accelerators, the Rack-A-TACC is a modular building block for decryption. Running the AccessData Password Recovery Toolkit (PRTK) or Distributed Network Attack (DNA) a single Rack-A-TACC can provide 24x to 180x performance gain over a stand alone quad core computer system. Rack-A-TACC units can be configured in a DNA cluster to further increase decryption capabilities.


Tableau TACC1441 Hardware   Accelerator

Tableau's TACC1441 is a proven solution for   accelerating brute force password attacks. TACC1441 works with recovery software from Passware (Kit v9.5), Elcomsoft, and AccessData (PRTK and DNA) to dramatically increase the performance of dictionary based attacks. Built  to scale easily and with a low power consumption footprint, TACC1441 is available in desktop, bay-mount, and rack-mount configurations.

TACC1441 units connect to the host computer   using a FireWire (also known as IEEE-1394) interface. When using a single TACC1441 accelerator it is generally acceptable to use FireWire400 (1394A) or   FireWire800 (1394B).

When using more than one TACC1441 accelerator on a single computer, it is strongly recommended to use only   FireWire800 (1394B). Tableau's testing confirms that up to four TACC1441 accelerators will function correctly on a single FireWire800 interface.


Fernico FAR ProX Imager

Fernico’s FAR ProX Imager is the premier solution for the acquisition of evidential content from CD/DVD and Blu-ray discs, irrespective of how the disc was created, with full chain of evidence reporting. Trying to acquire even moderately small numbers of discs by hand is just too time consuming and is simply not a viable solution for the vast majority of investigators. Our combination of world class reliable robotic hardware with innovative, user friendly software delivers a consistent and rigorous process to recover all the recorded data.

The FAR software has been designed to cope with discs that are scratched, and if a disc cannot be read in a preset period it will be rejected so that a minimum daily throughput can be maintained. The rejected disc can then be reloaded for a longer period or it might require some type of surface treatment to make it readable.


Fernico FAR LE

Fernico’s FAR is the world’s leading solution that automates the archival of digital evidence/data folders by spanning the data over a series of DVD or Blu-ray discs with integral MD5 or SHA1 verification.

The software delivers a tried and well-tested option for computer crime investigators to manage their free storage space. In addition, when evidential data needs to be distributed to other agencies, DVD and Blu-ray is significantly easier to access and more portable compared to tape or a hard drive.

Setting up an archive job is very straightforward because of the intuitive, easy-to-follow user interface that requires minimal training.

tmss-s1 bio1

Tableau TMSS-BIO1 / TMSS-S1   Storage Module and Docking Station

Combining a 4 drive RAID 5 storage architecture, with 4 host interface options on the backplane, the TMSS   storage family gives more capacity, with less weight (3.5 pounds) than any  other similar storage system on the market today. The BIO1 / S1 pairs an   intelligent Docking Station (BIO1), controllable through an advanced alpha-numeric LCD display, with an unlimited number of storage modules (S1) which drop into a precision-guided connector assembly on the top of the   Docking Station. This scalable architecture significantly lowers the cost per TB for evidence archiving.

The TMSS-BIO1 Docking Station connects easily to any forensic host computer, over industry standard USB, FireWire and eSATA connections. Redundant temperature-sensing, variable speed cooling fans built into the Docking Station protect the drives within the attached S1 Storage Module. The  TMSS-BIO1 and S1 are powered by a single, compact AC adapter, the TP4, which is compatible with 100 - 240VAC operation.

tmss ii01

Tableau TMSS-IIO1 Integrated Storage   Module

Portable Forensic Storage

The first member of the Tableau MSS storage family, the   TMSS-IIO1, is an integrated storage system which combines a four-drive RAID-5 array, RAID electronics and fans in a single enclosure. The TMSS-IIO1 is packaged in a sleek, ergonomically-designed plastic enclosure with a sturdy   interior metal frame. An integrated recessed handle makes the TMSS-IIO1 easy   to carry.

TMSS-IIO1 Makes Connections Easy

The TMSS-IIO1 has eSATA, FireWire800/400, and USB 2.0 host  connections, giving the user complete flexibility in attaching the MSS unit to the host computer.

The TMSS-IIO1 is powered by a compact AC adapter, the TP4, which  is compatible with 100 - 240VAC operation