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Digital Intelligence FRED and FRED DX Workstation

FRED is our Forensic Recovery of Evidence Device. The FRED family of forensic workstations are highly integrated, flexible and   modular forensic platforms and now include DI's exclusive UltraBay II Write Protected Imaging Bay.

- IDE Drive Hardware Write Blocker
- SATA Drive Hardware Write Blocker
- SCSI Drive Write Blocker
- USB Write Blocker
- Firewire Write Blocker
- MultiMedia/Memory Card Forensic Write Blocker
- Floppy Write Protection


Digital Intelligence FREDDIE

FREDDIE is the ultimate solution in mobile forensic processing power. FREDDIE is the little brother of our larger FRED unit. Like its older brother, FREDDIE is a highly integrated, flexible and modular forensic platform designed from the ground up for both the acquisition and analysis of computer evidence with the added advantage of being highly portable. FREDDIE uses the same motherboard, and many of the same components, as our larger FRED unit. The removable devices in our custom forensic bays can be used in both FRED and FREDDIE.

fred sr

Digital Intelligence FRED SR


FRED SR (Dual Xeon) is the highest performance member of the FRED family of forensic workstations. FRED SR has all the functional capabilities of a FRED system with the   addition of components optimized for the absolute highest level of processor, memory, and I/O performance.

fred sc

Digital Intelligence Super Computer

FRED SC (Super Computer) is the first commercially available SuperComputer designed and optimized for parallel processing with four NVIDIA® CUDA™ Graphic's Processing Units (GPU's).

The FRED-SC system has four liquid cooled NVIDIA GTX480 Video cards (each with one onboard GPU consisting of 480 stream processors per GPU). A total of 1920 CUDA processors are available on this system for massive parallel processing and computation.

 fred m

Digital Intelligence FRED-M


FRED-M takes the concept of our FRED Sr one step further. FRED-M is absolutely the most powerful and flexible single forensic workstation available today. FRED-M takes several of the major components in our Data Center solution (FRED-C), and incorporates them into a single chassis for the utmost in storage capacity, power, and flexibility. FRED-M consists of one Forensic   Recovery of Evidence Device - Rackmount Module (FRED-RM), one 16 Terabyte RAID module (14TB RAID-5 w/Hotspare), and a retractable keyboard/LCD panel.  All equipment is housed in a lockable, vault-like enclosure with high capacity rolling castors.


Digital Intelligence FREDC

FREDC is our Forensic Recovery of Evidence Data Center. FREDC provides fully  integrated processing power and flexibility far beyond any forensic solution  available. The highly customizable modular solution is capable of housing up   to 8 completely independent forensic processing systems. Up to 192TB of high   speed RAID arrays in a single rack (or more with additional racks). The system houses a completely integrated Gigabit Ethernet Forensic Network in   less than a 2 by 3 foot footprint. It is fully extensible to provide forensic network services and storage to pre-existing forensic workstations in your network. An integrated, retractable, 17 inch LCD/Keyboard module. Custom systems include a selection of the following: 32.0 terabyte RAID-5 Array w/Hotspare, Forensic Recovery of Evidence Device - Rackmount Module (FREDRM) and number of users for your network.


mh SERVICE  AntAnalyzer Forensic Workstation

Our   workstations available in 4 base configurations.
But each unit can be realized and configured customized.
The AntAnalyzer can be equipped with up to 24 Cores and 144 GB-RAM.

AntAnalyzer configurations:  

                 -   AntAnalyzer   Basic Edition

                 -   AntAnalyzer   Advanced Edition

                 -  AntAnalyzer   Extreme Edition

                 -  AntAnalyzer   Enterprise Edition





mh SERVICE TreCorder

Maximum of Performance plus High-End Quality: The TreCorder the mobile   forensic Laboratory

The TreCorder is the highest performing device in the world for mobile digital-evidence-saving in computer forensics. 
The TreCorder was developed on demand and together with different public   establishments from our home country and foreign countries.
The TreCorder is equipped with three internal HDD-Writeblocking-Devices   (T3458is), which guarantee a safe and court-suitable copy / cloning without   changing the data.
In the practical test the TreCorder reaches the following parameters:
The TreCorder copies up to 21 GB per   minute = 1,26 TB per hour

Tested and certified for use with AccessData (FTK 4.x) & EnCase   Forensic v7.





forensic cube

mh SERVICE Forensic Cube

Favourable mobile   System for the taking of evidence in the field
(with Touchpad-LCD)

Key Features:   

  • Small as Barebone PC – powerful as a Workstation – quiet like an IPod
  • Only one power cable needed to start working
  • Only standard computer components
  • USB 3.0 and SATA 6 Gb/s are already on board
  • 2nd Generation of Core -7 INTEL CPU up to 3,4 GHz (installed)
  • Up to 16GB of DDR3 RAM (8Gb are installed)
  • SSD Super Fast System Drive 120GB
  • 2 x Removable up to 1 TB Data Drives – hot swap and screwless
  • Convenient Transportation Case
  • Only 10 Kg (about 15 lb.)

Forensic Components:  

2 x T3458is Tableau Forensic Bridge
  External Forensic Card Reader



 oktagraph logo

mh SERVICE OktaGraph

Passwords have never been recovered faster   as the Graphic Board Cluster. A 4 RU server case includes up to 8 NVIDIA  Tesla graphic boards of the series M2050/ M2070/ M2090.

The system is tested and certified to use with Passware Kit Forensic and ElcomSoft Password Recovery.

Key Features:


  • 4 RU server case with 19" Rackmount Kit
  • Redundant power supplies
  • up to 8x NVIDIA Tesla graphic boards of the series M2050/ M2070/ M2090
  • 2x Dual Xeon processores with up to 3.4 GHz and 24 cores
  • up to 144 GB DDR3 RAM
  • 2x 300 GB HDD (RAID 0 or RAID 1)


  • OS Windows 7 64-bit
  • Passware Kit Forensic
  • ElcomSoft Password Recovery





mh SERVICE GeCo - General Electronic Copy

The GeCo is an Acquisition Server with included storage

In the best case an image of a suspect drive will be written as fast as the drive is running. So the only way to increase your speed is to create as many copies as possible simultaneously.

That system can image up to 8 drives at one time! Eight internal write blocker can handle IDE, SATA, SCSI and USB drives at their full speed in the same time.

Because this imaging produces huge amount of  data, the GeCo is equipped with storage that can take up to 48 TB data.


  • Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit Edition
  • Tableau Imager “TIM”
  • FTK Imager

Additional OS:   

  • Linux: Ubuntu 64 bit
  • GuyMager

Simoultanious imaging of 8 Source devices
  43 GB/min = 2.6 TB/h



mh SERVICE Katana - Serve(r) and Protect -   Distributed Processing

Rack Cabinet

Up to 10x DP TwinBlade with maximal 480 Cores

Ideal for office environments - 30.64 inches high, same height   as regular office furniture

Lockable front door and rear door, provides extra security for   IT facilities

Mobility - Casters with brakes, easy to move

Stability - Supporting posts on the four corners

Detachable "front door and rear door" design, easy for maintenance Re-useable and environmental friendly shipping box


Processor Blade

Up to 14 hot-plug processor blades

TwinBlade Modules

Two nodes in a Processor Blade.

Storage Unit

24/48/72 TB – Enterprice Storage System via dedicated Server